Missionary to Republic of Portugal

Oscar and Erin Rodrigues, Missionaries to Portugal

As UPCI missionary to the republic of Portugal, we pray that you will be blessed as we share with you: our vision, burden and passion for the souls of Portugal through this website.

Because of the call God has placed in our heart, a call to evangelism and revival in the country of Portugal, it is more than just a location on the map or a culture of people. Today we believe the country is a wide open door to more than 11,000,000 souls in need of ACTS 2:38.

Remember us in your prayers as we embark upon this life long commitment to carry this beautiful, life-changing message to the nation of Portugal. Please allow us to use the prayer request of one of our greatest missonaries of all time, Apostle Paul.
II Thessolonians 3:1 "Finally, brethren, pray for us, that the word of the Lord may have free course, and be glorified, even as it is with you."

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Yours for His service,
The Rodrigues Family

Missionary to Swaziland, Africa

Bro Richard Porter, Missionary to Swaziland, Africa

Bro Porter visited Landmark Apostolic Church on July 3rd, 2011 and expressed his desire to return to the land of his calling as soon as he can be sent.

Bro Porter showed a video of our brothers and sisters in Swaziland being baptized in Jesus name. The Monarch of the Country is good to the the church in Swaziland, where the Lord's people are. Much land has been given, free of charge, to the Lord's people.
However, due to the African drought, it is becoming more difficult to baptize people. Bro Porter expressed how the popular baptismal locations, which use to be 3 foot of water, is now 3 inches of water. They are in need of baptismal tanks.

To this end, the family at Landmark contributed ten baptismal tanks, priced at one hundred dollars a piece, to the work in Swaziland. Thank you, Bro Porter, for informing us on the Lord's work in Swaziland, Africa, where thousands are being baptized and filled with the Holy Spirit!

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